Everybody’s got a great voice. 

It’s those who have Authentic Storytelling

in All their Material that win the day!

Shauna is deeply passionate about guiding teens towards their dream BFA program. With a keen focus on storytelling, she ensures her clients are telling compelling stories in both their songs and monologues that resonate on a personal level.

By curating personalized monologues that authentically reflect their essence, Shauna’s clients consistently stand out from the crowd, capturing the attention of admissions panels and securing their places in prestigious programs.

As a Broadway-experienced, Bi-coastal Premier boutique coach, she provides comprehensive support throughout the college preparation journey, offering tailored workshops led by college professors, personalized coaching sessions, professional prescreen video production services and much more!

From perfecting your branding to capturing impactful headshots and unique audition attire, Shauna helps ensure all aspects of your application package are strategically crafted.

As your trusted mentor, she provides invaluable support and acts as your dedicated coach for live auditions, prioritizing your success and well-being at every turn.

It takes more than just talent. It takes strategy, teamwork, and commitment.

To find out how Shauna Markey Acting Studio can help you, please complete the form below.  You can also schedule a Complimentary Consultation  to discuss the possibilities. I look forward to speaking with you!

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